Bath complex

Bath complex

Roman thermae

Roman steam room is a bath with the maximum possible relative air humidity, of about 100%. A thick ball of steam gently envelops the body and smoothly warms it up, gradually relaxing all the muscle impactions, gives vivacity and efficiency. The whole body fills up with warm and airy moisture.

Hammam — Turkish bath

Deckchairs and the floor of the Turkish sauna are heated to 36°C, and the air humidity is 65-80%. Turkish hammam is recommended for treatment of chronic respiratory diseases various catarrhal diseases and osteochondritis. The temperature conditions in a hammam are not as hot as in ordinary baths and are excellent for people who do not tolerate high temperatures.


The air temperature in the sanarium is from 45 to 60°C and the air humidity of 20-55%, so it has a very gentle effect on blood circulation. Sanarium can be considered as a kind of Finnish sauna. Softer temperature conditions of a sanarium and not so high humidity level, in comparison with a Finnish sauna and steam room, create a surprisingly relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Infrared sauna

The temperature is rather low – 45-60°C, and humidity – 5-10%.

Regular attendance of an infrared sauna gives not only pleasant sensations, but also has a therapeutic and cosmetological effect on the human body. A unique, but natural process of sweating guarantees luxurious skin care, as well as recovers and cleanses it. You get your juices flowing, and your health is improving.

Russian bath

A real Russian bath is known for its hot steam. The temperature of air with water steam reaches up to 70-95°С. Based on tradition, it is built exclusively of wood and stone. The stove, in the center of the bath, allows you to increase the temperature as desired, and based on the height of the bench, the temperature ranges from 60°C to 90°C at the ceiling. The process itself lasts up to 15 minutes. In the first half of the procedure, the body begins to heat up and only slightly sweats. By the 10th minute, especially with a massage by steamed brooms, sweating increases. A broom has always been considered as an integral attribute of the Russian bath. With its help, pores open and clean faster, and phytoncids in leaves kill pathogenic microbes.

After a bath it is recommended to cool down and to go through this procedure several times. For cooling down we provide a swimming pool with water of 7-9°С. You are guaranteed a favorable tempering of the body.

Aroma sauna

Aroma sauna is a specially equipped room with an air temperature of 75-80°C and an air humidity of 5%. Visiting an aroma sauna is a gradual heating of the body with an intensive sweating. Due to this, toxins and waste are easily removed from the human organism, while the cardiovascular system is almost not subjected to an overload.

Aromatherapy has healing properties, which favorably affect the well-being and have a relaxing effect; it has virtually no side effects. It is irreplaceable in cases of depressed state, neuroticisms, fatigability.

Cedar sauna

Cedar sauna has a miraculous effect on a human body and condition. While staying in the sauna, you feel the life-giving force of Siberian cedars, the wood of which contains essential oils and substances, promoting increase of vital energy, and a tar extracts of this tree from the dawn of time helped in treatment of colds and diseases of the respiratory system. In the cedar sauna air humidity reaches 100%, and air temperature – 45-50°C.

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