Mineral waters

Mineral waters

Sanatorium-hotel complex «Royal Hotels & SPA Resorts» is located in the center of the city. It is only 100 meters from the pump room of mineral waters No 2 (upper), and 400 meters from the lower pump room.

Mineral water «Naftusia» is the Queen on the Truskavets Resort. It is original both in composition and in its physiological effect on the human organism. «Naftusia», due to its low mineralization (up to 0,78 g/l) and a rich content of organic substances (8,35-23,8 mg/l), stimulates the removal of small calculi and sand from nephros, gall bladder, urina and bile passages, reduces lithogenicity (tendency to calculi formation) of urina and bilis, that is, eliminates the risk of calculi formation. Thanks to the immunological action, it renews body defences, contributes to the elimination of inflammatory processes in organs and tissues, excretion of byproducts and toxic substances, thereby preventing early aging of the organism.

Mineral water «Maria» is a chloride-sodium-sulfate water, which contains from 4 to 7 g/l of mineral salt, 42 mg/l of free carbon dioxide. The mineral water normalizes gastric secretion depending on the method of drinking treatment, contributes to colliquation of mucus and its evacuation from a ventricle, strengthens bile formation and bile secretion, reduces the inflammatory process and spastic phenomena of a gastro-intestinal tract.

Mineral water «Sofia» is a chloride-sodium-sulfate water with mineralization of 10-12 g/l. It stimulates gastric secretion, has a weak choleretic action, normalizes the motor function of the ventricle and intestinal tract. It is used in case of concomitant diseases of gastro-intestinal tract: chronic gastritis with hyposecretion, chronic colitis with a predisposition to intestinal obstructions.

Mineral water «Bronislava» for mouth,               throat and pharyngonasal cavity rinsing (in case of adenoid disease, alveolysis)

Source No 11 «Yuzia» is a calcium-carbonate-magnesium water with mineralization of about 0,7 g/l, it contains a considerable amount of organic substances and up to 40 mg/l of free carbon dioxide, as well as substances of glycerin origin. It is a source of beauty, which, thanks to its composition, perfectly refreshes the skin, giving it a natural shade and a special elastance.

Mineral waters: «Naftusia», Source No 1 – «Maria», Source No 2 «Sofia» are for internal use.

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